The right veneer selection for each product is the basis for a good product!
Whether veneers for skirting or for highly demanding cornices are required, we make the right veneer choice for you.

To obtain a good flexibility, the rear sides are reinforced with fleece to achieve the desired residual wood thickness.
The glue and fleece type are tailored to your needs. The veneers are calibrated up to 300 μ in order to obtain maximum flexibility.

  • Finger-jointed veneer rolls
    Length up to 500 m (1640Ft)'
  • Sheets from the roll (inductively readable)
  • Single sheets

Fleece backing variants with D3 or D4 glue

  • 23 g  | 30 g  | 50 g fleeces
  • Double lamination  2 x 23 g  |  2 x 30 g

  • Calibration sanding up to 300 μm
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